1259701003633825855mbtwms_Musical_note.svg.med.png Getting to Know Me 1259701003633825855mbtwms_Musical_note.svg.med.png
Home town: Western Springs, IL

Past teaching experience: I have taught 4-12 grade band, orchestra, general music, and music technology in Minnesota, Nebraska, and Illinois.

Oak Park teaching: I taught technology at Julian for a few years. After that, I took a band teaching job, and I LOVE IT!!!! Band is definitely the place for me....

First instrument: Oboe

Favorite Food: Cheese

Favorite Activity: Water Skiing

Children: Ethan

Pets: Simon-eezer, Mr. Mittens, Donuts, and Snicker Doodles

Things I like to do in my free time: Water ski, run, bike, eat, read, listen to music