Every instrumental music student has the responsibility to:
  • Attend music on a weekly basis with an instrument in proper playing condition and the appropriate lesson material.
  • Practice daily (five times a week for twenty minutes is a good starting point).
  • Complete written exercises or authentic assessments as directed by the instrumental music teacher.
  • Attend the Intermediate Band or Intermediate Orchestra rehearsals every week with an instrument in proper playing condition and with the appropriate music.
  • Attend all performances in proper concert attire (if an absence in unavoidable, please notify the director in writing prior to the event).
  • Exhibit self-discipline and a cooperative attitude before, during, and after lessons, rehearsals, and performances.
  • Contribute to an atmosphere of collaboration and mutual respect.

Although we look forward to a successful year with students in Band & Orchestra, occasionally problems arise. In that event, the following action may be taken:
  • Parent contact through e-mail or phone.
  • Parent/Teacher conference.
  • Disciplinary referral, as consistent with their school policy.
  • Lowered Instrumental Music grade on report card
  • Removal from the program, following counseling with parents, teachers, and administrators.